TFD Premium

Amyloicide detergent
for instrumentation

TFD Premium is a versatile alkaline detergent. It is effective on all types of protein soils and is compatible with medical and veterinary instrumentation.

Its formulation offers exceptional high performance cleaning for the inactivation of amyloides including Prions.

TFD Premium is therefore particularly recommended for cleaning
tools in contact with « Specified Risk Materials »


Ultra-concentrated formulation of Surfactant with added strong alkaline salt.
Strong and proven stability.


The only amyloicide product effective on infectious proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases.


Use in automated washer-disinfector (AWD) or room temperature soak bath for multipurpose use.


Use for washer-disinfector (AWD)

the washer-disinfector (AWD) are today all equipped with a programmable logic controller. Of course, the person entering this programming must be authorized and have the keys to enter the automaton.

To save time we have provided the “ramping” that is to say that you suck the product as soon as the heating start. The product is therefore sucked in together with the filling water.

Some AWD’s use superheaters in order to have hot water already at temperature. In this case it is still necessary to respect the contact time at a given minimum temperature.

Some AWDs are already programmed for the prion cycle but human strains are more resistant than expected and our technical data are more constrained. It is up to you to modify the program if necessary.

the bottles are low standard bottles designed for the transport of dangerous and high density products. If necessary, we can supply suitable packaging on request.

Activity soughtApplicationDilutionContact timeTemperature
Simple detergencyAutoscrubber0,1 to 0,3%5 min50 to 70°C
Amyloidosis; (including Prion *, **)Autoscrubber1%To be adapted to the machineRamping cycle (40 - 65 °C)
Amyloidosis; (including Prion *)Soaking2%60 minAmbient temperature
* Proven efficacy according to the SPP protocol version 2018 (ANSM) on human prion strains (variant and sporadic-VV2 CJD) and hamster 263K
**Process listed by the ANSM for its efficacy against prions